From a three-hour swim clinic to a full triathlon weekend, Barb can create and conduct a clinic in your hometown that fits your community’s needs. Barb believes in free speed through efficiency of technique and empowerment through knowledge and learning her secrets of racing.

Potential Topics:
Swimming technique: lecture, drills in the pool, videotaping, video analysis, strength training using surgical tubing and body weight
Running technique: lecture, partner drills for body position, drills, videotaping, video analysis
Cycling technique: lecture on time trialing, climbing, group riding, drills on grass, efficient pedaling
Transition skills: efficient and smooth bike mount and dismount
Strength training: all exercises can be done at home, surgical tubing for swimming, hip stability for running and cycling
Mental skills for race day: affirmations, imagery, visualization
All things race-related (tips from the pro): taper, week before, night before, morning of, race strategies, mental skills, nutrition, post-race analysis

“Barb was able to identify and correct my swim stroke to the point where I could feel the water in a new way. My body seemed to glide and my hands entered the pool more smoothly with an adjustment in posture and stoke. She also helped create a new vision for my running style with head position and forward torso tilt. I am grateful to have attended her clinic in New Jersey. Her support and advice contributed to my PR and requalifying at Boston Marathon in April.” - JoAnn

How it Works:
In order facilitate a clinic, Barb needs an organizer, whose clinic fee is waived, to secure pool space, a lecture room, and 12-20 athletes who will register online. Please email Barb for details.

Coupling Barb’s clinics with her speaking presentation to a wider audience at at a triathlon shop or club is a great way to put together a powerful weekend-long event for your group.