Barb believes that coaching is a two way street of communication.
It’s a relationship, not a dictatorship. She shares her stories, struggles, thought processes and lessons learned in her racing to help her athletes overcome and thrive in their triathlon journey; but she requires athletes to share who they are as well to get the most out of what she shares.

Barb believes that athletes should fit triathlon into their lives, not their lives into triathlon.
In her own racing career, triathlon was not the all-consuming priority in her life. Her relationship with God and her husband were #1 and #2, with triathlon as #3, even when she was ranked number one in the world. Living a balanced life allowed her to put racing and training into perspective. As a coach, Barb creates an individualized training program which respects and requires balance in an athlete’s life, taking into account work, family, and social life. She addresses all the “little things” which go into making athletes their best- nutrition, strength work, mental training, rest, recovery, and race preparation.

Barb’s time racing in the winter in Australia has molded her training philosophy. For the athlete with a few years of endurance sports, she believes in reverse periodization, meaning short quality is done in the winter and as an athlete gets closer to the race season, the speed slows and the length of repeats gets longer. This works well for the athlete training inside solo in the winter, as Barb thrives on making workouts interesting and very specific.

Barb is a unique coach because of her:

"As a coach, Barb brings world-class experience, passion for triathlon, dedication to excellence, as well as heart for teaching. She communicates clearly, is attentive to the details, answers questions thoroughly, and deftly designs personalized training plans that produce results. In addition to being an effective coach, Barb is a patient mentor, strong woman of faith, and caring individual who brings joy to my life and triathlon journey.” - Charity


Individualized Coaching Plans
Barb tailors a program specifically designed for an athlete based on background, time commitments, goals, strengths and weaknesses. She formulates a season plan, yet writes training weekly based on feedback from the previous week using Training Peaks. It is important to Barb to hear her athlete’s voice, so she encourages weekly calls. Because of Barb’s personal investment in an athlete, she requires a 6 month minimum commitment.

The process begins with a questionnaire, follow up call, advisement on race selection, creation of an annual training plan, swim and run video review, modification of the ATP along the way, and end of season questionnaire and debrief to make the next season even better.
$150 one time initiation fee, $400/month

Program Analysis
Barb can give an independent opinion on a current training program, whether an athlete is self-coached or coached by another. After filling out a detailed questionnaire and having a phone consultation, Barb gives written suggestions on improving, supplementing, or changing a current program. If a program analysis leads to a coaching relationship with Barb, the initiation fee is waived. $250

Swim Video Analysis
Send Barb your swim video and she will give detailed suggestions for improvement using drills and cues in the pool. The analysis is complete with a follow-up call to clarify any points. $125

Please reach out to Barb using the Contact Page of this website to discuss any of these options.

"Rather than a "cookie-cutter" training template, Barb provides a completely customized training path that maximizes my strengths and improves my weaknesses. She takes the time to know my family and work schedules of each week, month and year to provide an optimized program to get me to my goals.” - Shawn